"Hilarious, heartfelt, edgy."
-- Rory O'Malley, Tony-Nominated Actor from The Book of Mormon

"This book is a must read for anyone who is or has experienced any form of bullying or has ever been a teenager girl... Smashing."
-- Meagen Howard Fox, Page Turners Blog

"I love this book as an adult but as a teenager I would have been obsessed. Rebekah Crane captures perfectly and poignantly the thousands of feelings, thoughts, dreams and desires of that wonderful creature called a teenager."
-- Lili Taylor, Actress

"Just...wow. Fabulous!"
-- Stacey Leigh

Excerpt from Playing Nice in Pretty In Fiction!

"Truly refreshing and definitely worth your time."
-- Queen Elle Bee Reads

"The actual voice of Rebekah Crane's Playing Nice is so consistently unexpected that the book manages to feel fresh and new with every chapter. Marty is one of the more believable teen characters I've come across in a while: eager to please, silently resentful, and sexually curious. (Sound like anyone else you knew at sixteen, like maybe... yourself? No? Just me?)."
-- Dahlia Adler, YA Misfits

"It is a beautiful vision of the appalling truth behind prejudice, arrogance and (what I hope we all strive for) empathy."
-- Emmy's Book Reviews

"I loved how relatable it was. It was very hard to put down."
-- Beneath The Moon and Stars Blog

"Quirky, real, emotional and funny."
-- Virginia Ryan, age 29

"I want to read this book from cover to cover over and over again."
-- Maggie Tugend, age 14

"Playing Nice shows how strong teenage girls can be-- through the fun times, the sad times, and the times you fall madly, deeply in love."
-- Allison Williams, age 32

"This debut novel by author Rebekah Crane really slammed me between the eyes. This novel rings true if you are thirteen or thirty-three."
-- Kayla Dawn Writes

* * * * *

"Aspen is a literary gem. This is a great representation of what YA should be. Poignant, earnest, and inspiring."
-- The Quirky Reader

"Aspen is funny, raw, and uniquely romantic. With an eclectic cast of characters, it's an uncompromising look at tragedy and trauma, perception and reality, and how the worst accident of your life might just be the next best thing to happen to you."
-- Jessica Park, Best Selling Author of Left Drowning and Flat-Out Love

"A funny, thrilling story that made me smile, laugh and thank my lucky stars I wasn't that popular in high school!"
-- I Love YA Fiction

"This was my first time reading Rebekah Crane's work, but if there's one thing I've learned is that she knows how to write an engrossing and believable story! Aspen was a beautiful read."
-- IrisjeXx